Client Success Manager

What is this??

The sole reason we have this position at Headstrong Nipomo is because we are all about making sure clients are happy and successful. It’s a huge part of what our mission is for our gym.

We’ve been in the coaching business a long time, and we KNOW that our client successes are based on Communication and Support. When you need help signing up for your sessions, the CSM walks you through it. When you have a question about how many calories you should consume per day, the CSM gives you pertinent information and customizes it to your situation. Need help with what exercises to do to get your first handstand? CSM. The CSM supports every aspect of your first 90 days here and will be your concierge for everything Headstrong Nipomo as you integrate into our community.

Why CSM?

We are invested in our clients. Coaching and helping clients reach all sorts of goals excites us and is what really motivates us. We’ve always known that this sort of support in the gym would be valuable. When when we created the position, we were very stoked to see become such a valuable asset to what our business offers. Your client experience is everything to us, and the Client Success Manager makes that happen!


We learned early on that support differs with experience. We have recently expanded this role into two positions depending on how long clients have been with us. Extra support and guidance is needed from day 1 – day 90, and Coach Erin is our CSM for your first 90 days. She will be your best friend and person in your corner rooting you on! After 90 days things get even more exciting as we meet for your first Strategy session around Day 90. We go over your first three months, successes and struggles, and to create a new plan with new goals for the next! Coach David is our CSM for 90 days and beyond.

You Will Succeed!

We are committed to helping you succeed and we will never let you struggle or leave you by yourself wondering what to do.. We are 100% invested in your success as a member of our gym.

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